Electric Wheelchair / Solo Pt. II / Opie’s Opus Sample

50 Comments 04 October 2010

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  1. tysteere says:

    anyone have the sheet music?

  2. Radcookie69 says:

    3:08 also epic!!

  3. GuitargodJ says:

    1:48 = Epicness

  4. tmoore1016 says:

    joey you just fucking suck lol thats why ur on crash cymbals…:D jk joey

  5. joey09082009 says:

    @awsomedrummer2 haha funny joke

  6. joey09082009 says:

    how are u guys so good im on fucking crash cymbals:(

  7. rikuantu says:

    @awsomedrummer2 ur name is the complete opposite lol

  8. drummaboy2346 says:

    How does he do his backsticking SO clean at 1:48?? Anyone know that technique, and where I can learn it?

  9. AsinisterJR says:

    The second snare player is playing with dead sticks and it sounds like crap cause of it. haha.

  10. hotdogsplinter says:

    @planbskater565 they call it electric wheelchair because they could never keep the tempo even, and it kept slowing down.

  11. austineatsbagels says:

    did you guys do any dci?

  12. drummaboi1423 says:

    do those tenors have rims cause never a single one aha, fantastic tenor player. ive probably commented on this video like three times before

  13. planbskater565 says:

    whys it called electric wheelchair? our tenor player does a solo in our cadence called that …. i was thinking about trying out for snare during out indoor season this year… i play drum set and vibraphone during our show and play cymbals at football games

  14. drummaboy2346 says:

    Omfg that tenor play is SO clean!

  15. 32000logo says:

    he’s all choppy w/his backsticks. yeah

  16. dm2291 says:

    Haha well they got my subscription

  17. SomeGuyDrumming says:

    @slipchikin False. Traditional grip is for TILTED snares. Back when traditional grip was invented hundreds of years ago in Europe (even before america was founded) drummers marched with their drums under there left arm. This meant that their left stick needed to come over the rim comfortably, hense the underhand grip. As years passed, the drum was tilted upright until around the 1970s when the carrier was invented. Although the drum can now be completely horizontal, this grip is TRADITIONAL.

  18. NLo2009 says:

    sound like they rushed electric wheelchair a little but other than that it was cool

  19. caroliniamot says:

    cookies? i like cookies for sweeps or scrapes whichever you prefer. much easier to not hit rims with i think.

  20. randyrhoads4life123 says:

    @slipchikin back in the old days like the civil war the snares were tilted hence why they had use traditional and not matched

  21. slipchikin says:

    why is his snare titled???? traditional grip is for untitled snares

  22. rikuantu says:

    @Cheznikkkk considering that Nick is playing “Opie’s Opus” which is a hard tenor solo ment for advanced players he can play it well considering its made up of nothign but Spiders and rolles and dittles

  23. Poptartdrummer says:

    snare, your good, but with those skills no reason to play that high especially inner notes on flams….more like double stops

  24. pimpd11 says:

    I wonder why every corp style drumline uses that same snare solo for that solo cadence…? >.>

  25. xDrumsx4xLifex says:

    wow, eventhough i am really good at drums, this makes me look weak.

  26. IronfistmanDV says:

    1:00 <3

  27. rreemmzzrruullee says:

    @tenorplayer1234 orlando

  28. tenorplayer1234 says:

    was this in reno???

  29. wy2kool4u says:

    @tsobaby95 by the way I’m a snare player

  30. wy2kool4u says:

    @tsobaby95 go troll somewhere else dick sucker

  31. tsobaby95 says:

    @wy2kool4u Lets c u play it “clean” lolololololol faget

  32. tsobaby95 says:

    @wy2kool4u Lets c u play it “clean” lolololololol

  33. DrmrGuy1979 says:

    @kldrumming Easy there, buddy. I wasn’t criticizing the line, just commenting. This is my favorite drumline, any given year. Besides, I was clarifying what the guy below me said. He said the entire passage was dirty; I only said the helicopters sounded dirty. Doesn’t mean I said they suck.

    And for the record, I can’t play any kind of scrapes on tenors.

  34. kldrumming says:

    @DrmrGuy1979 ya kind of dirty, lets see you play it kind of cleaner, oh wait you can’t

  35. MeatXLoverX69X says:

    great day for drumming in the lot!!!! nice weather!!!

  36. Idn42 says:


  37. CTRTrichome says:


    use this link to see how the original groove for electric wheelchair came from.

  38. theriot617 says:

    that is a bad ass cadence

  39. DrmrGuy1979 says:

    @wy2kool4u The muted shots were fine. They were kind of dirty on the helicopters, but everything before that was okay.

  40. wy2kool4u says:

    Tenors were dirty at 1:00 to 1:07

  41. wy2kool4u says:

    Tenors were dirty at 1:00 to 1:07.

  42. armeniandrums says:

    @cacapupu24 go to

  43. greeneyedchick says:

    I’ll admit I’m a huge Cavies fan, BUT I majorly <3 electric wheelchair. ^_^ Go SCV!

  44. mrawsomepants355 says:

    This tenor line is so amazing

  45. cacapupu24 says:

    can someone help me learn it i really like this but i dont have the music for it

  46. cacapupu24 says:

    bro listen to does basses OMG

  47. nenbran says:

    @cacapupu24 The old (original) version has 7 stroke’s. But you’re right that this version has 5 stroke’s.

  48. TheCodygiles says:

    Best show in the lot!

  49. cacapupu24 says:

    @misfit9100 its a 5 stroke roll pick up dude

  50. Zason816 says:

    i love that attack at :56 for some reason

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