Land Rovers Destroy Mobility Scooter & Pay The Price!

10 Comments 29 October 2010

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  1. mgospeed31 says:

    Hey Frank, the funny thing is that Alyssa was the one that pointed out that Shane has his hand down his trousers at 6:35 LOLOL!!!!!

  2. goppa321 says:

    you boys are class….

  3. cuda2266 says:

    @bosnabob Tom your just too bad, why didn’t you tell me you can’t compress a liquid!!
    Aaah well, the destruction & mayhem continue….i’ll post some more…

  4. bosnabob says:

    That was a stupid thing to do. The worst bit is I was moaning to start off with that it might pop a tyre! What a spanner.

    I was really cheered up by what followed on that day though, haha.

  5. AnGeLz1803 says:

    Tom is the best !
    This is a new tom’s land ? Where is the blue pick up ?

  6. xXxJessicaPurdyxXx says:

    Trust tom when he has a go to damage his landy tom is so funny bles him dead nice lad you, aint seen him in a while, nice to see he is having fun off roading while we’re not lol 😀 x

  7. mgospeed31 says:

    “That’s not from jacking!” LOL! I’m surprised it didn’t get his front tyre as well.

  8. dazzitboy says:

    I love the music with skips and noises

  9. superhero490 says:

    This is cool

  10. SilentPoliceman says:

    Hey man,
    Where’s the motor?


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