WheelChair Back Flip

25 Comments 30 October 2010

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  1. elyonum says:

    EPIC O:

  2. impreza5150 says:

    Awesome – That takes some guts!! Nice work!

  3. velesser says:

    this is not his skill its the wheelchairs

  4. jiaxing265 says:


  5. CRproductions14 says:

    this is sick!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. TechnicolorThree says:

    All I can say is… BAD ASS!

  7. Zaine2 says:

    this guy is a modern day hero

  8. LilSayo says:

    he’s so amazing!!!!

  9. skate3745 says:

    this proves that nothing is impossible.

  10. MultiTriplehfan says:

    it starts at 1:58

  11. jonstriforce says:

    dude your like the ultamate guy on a wheelchair

  12. reeve074 says:

    good job but why would u show ur falls thats like the first min….. work on ur falls

  13. ClaranceDaCrazyNiger says:

    maybe if the break their neck they could walk again

  14. TheBjrocks says:

    what happen to your legs

  15. wilburdude09 says:

    wow way to overcome what was thought to be impossible and sharing your gift with others that are in wheelchairs too props man mad props!!!!!

  16. Deanosius says:


  17. Johmeyful says:

    Gotta get his stoke on somehow!!

  18. randomsyndrome says:

    what song is this?

  19. shaggy80hunter says:

    dude this is sick as shit…. keep it up man… show the world handicapped doesnt mean anything bad…..

  20. IzzBAZIL says:

    my grandmother should learn this

  21. IzzBAZIL says:

    soon theyre really gonna need wheelchairs

  22. flyingkamikaze says:

    Respectable endurance! Never give up your dreams !!!!!!!

  23. guacz says:

    i cried at the end

  24. xelap2 says:

    One of thee most inspiring videos I have ever watched!

  25. CamTheKitty says:

    Only cool if actually handicapped

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