Wheelchair Tire Chains

7 Comments 01 November 2010

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  1. 56Edify says:

    Pretty neat. But when I lived in Fairbanks I made my own. I can put mine on in less than a minute and take them off in 10 seconds or less while sitting in the wheelchair.

  2. nick000bristow says:

    sounds would be nice :/

  3. neowzl says:

    great invention !

  4. theredchameleon says:

    Need some sound, buddy for these vids to be more enjoyable to watch.

  5. jr8ic says:

    oh, well, good vid and good adaptation to the wheelchair

  6. belozer says:

    just captured it for ebay listing no audio

  7. jr8ic says:

    where’s the sound??

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