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Land Rovers Destroy Mobility Scooter & Pay The Price!

Comments Off on Land Rovers Destroy Mobility Scooter & Pay The Price! 29 October 2010

The final few minutes of the Scooters life-but it doesn’t go without a fight!

Great Exercise Tricycle for Elderly People – Low Rider Hi Seat Great exercise tricycle for the people who can not ride a regular bicycle or tricycle. The seat height from the ground is adjustable from 23 to 25 and the bottom frame height is only 6 from the ground so that you can easily to sit and get off from the trike. Also the distance between the seat and pedals is adjustable about 5. This seat extension bar () is removable so you can ride without it when your leg strength comes back. This Low Rider (0) is designed to accommodate someone approximately 46 inches in height and ages 6 and up. This Low Rider is one of our faster lines of products, meant for those who enjoy greater speed and agility. The material used for the tire, seat, and general body frame are of the highest quality, as with all of our line of products, therefore ensuring super durability as well as self-pride for the rider. It comes equipped with 16″ diameter 4 1/2″ wide industrial standard Chevron pneumatic front tires and 15 1/2″ diameter 6″ Chevron rear tires. Overall length: 47″, 31″ width, 64 lb. 24″ from ground to handle grip, and 26″ from the seat to the furthest point of the pedal. The shortest: 21.5″. Also we have Low Rider BMX (0) comes with 18″ BMX front tire with 6 inch cranks make this trike faster and runs longer on a smooth surface compare with our Super Large or Large Trikes which have big and wide all terrain tires with 5 inch long pedal cranks. It comes with front brake and a
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