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Mobility Ramps Provide Increased Access To Buildings And Vehicles

Comments Off on Mobility Ramps Provide Increased Access To Buildings And Vehicles 19 August 2010

Mobility Ramps Provide Increased Access To Buildings And Vehicles

When confronted with a situation that results in decreased mobility a natural reaction is to feel that we have lost our freedom, that we no longer can be self-sufficient and that we would normally dependent on someone else.

This does not have to be the case in fact thanks to mobility products someone whose mobility challenged now has levels of freedom that they’ve never had before. Mobility equipment makes it possible for these individuals to have added freedom. One item that may be necessary in order to provide freedom to somebody mobility challenged is mobility ramps.

There are many different kinds of ramps that are available to individuals that are mobility challenged. All of these ramps are designed for the same general purpose, to provide access in and out of homes and vehicles.

Some ramps are portable while others are stationary. Portable ramps are designed to be transported. This typically occurs due to the fact that the ramp can be folded and taken along. These can be handy when visiting friends and family that may have stairs at the entrance to their homes.

Solid ramps are intended for use on short sets of stairs. Typically stairs make it impossible for someone who is dependent on a power chair or mobility chair to enter a facility.

By placing a solid ramp over the top of the stairs they are no longer an obstacle. These ramps typically come in different lengths and can be used in accordance with the size of the staircase.

Another type of mobility ramp that is popular is the panel ramp. These ramps are semi permanent rams that permit the user to add additional panels making them as wide as desired. The panel ramp also comes in different sizes allowing usage by different sized mobility chairs.

Two other types of portable ramps are single rolling and multi-folding ramps. Single rolling ramps fold in half once which makes them easier to move from one location to another. Some single rolling ramps carrying handles provide an easier way to maneuver in ramps. Single folding rams may also be referred to as suitcase ramps.

Multi-folding ramps as the name implies fold in half two times. This allows longer ramps to be transported. Multi folding ramps typically come as long as 10 feet long. Some manufacturer’s multi-folding ramps separate for easier transport.

Another common use of mobility ramps is side loading van ramps. These rams installed properly and to the side door opening of a van. Their designs can be lowered to the ground.

When you desire to move the mobility chair in and out of the van these ramps are set up in such a way that provides access into the van by individuals that do not have mobility limitations.

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